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Chronicles from 4.012 is a episodic multi-choice otome game and visual novel, that takes place in a future world on the brink of a environmental collapse, and it recounts the fights for the dominance between the oldest forces of good and evil of history. As the main character you’ll have the opportunity to change the balance forever, as you make choices crucial to their life and to all the others that surrounds them. You’ll also explore the culture and history of this dystopian world, while you discover ancient supernatural creatures with unbelievable powers. And all of this without forgetting you’ll have the opportunity to develop your own love story.

Chronicles from 4.012 will include:

☢️ Morality System.
☢️ Three Alignements.
☢️ 9 main characters.
☢️ Player’s character’s name and gender customization.
☢️ Unlockable images in every episode.
☢️ Two languages: English and Spanish.
☢️ Free to play.

Chronicles from 4.012 has been developed by the Toxic Squad team.

☢️Art: Sam. [Tumblr | Twitter
☢️Art: Sherry. [Tumblr | Twitter
☢️Script, GUI, programing: Athe. [Tumblr Twitter]
☢️Translation: Illy. [Tumblr Twitter]
☢️Translation: Val☆. [TumblrInstagram]

☢️ Windows

  • Version: Windows XP or higher.
  • CPU: 2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo
  • RAM: 2.0 GB
  • Graphics: OpenGL 2.0 or DirectX 9.0c

☢️ macOS

  • Version: 10.6+
  • CPU: 2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo (64 bit only)
  • RAM: 2.0 GB
  • Graphics: OpenGL 2.0


  • Version: Ubuntu 12.04+
  • CPU: 2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo
  • RAM: 2.0 GB
  • Graphics: OpenGL 2.0

You can keep up with the news and the release of new episodes on our tumblr or follow us on itch.

☢️ Youtube
☢️Email: toxicsquad4012@gmail.com


Updated 13 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorToxic Squad
GenreVisual Novel
Tags2D, Anime, Cyberpunk, Dating Sim, Fantasy, LGBT, Otome, Romance, Sci-fi, supernatural
Average sessionA few seconds
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish; Castilian, Spanish; Latin America
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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(2 edits) (+1)

I can update my game now, but when I loaded into the part I saved on 9.2, it doesn't allow me to continue onto 9.3 it only says 'save' and 'exit'.

Edit: I'm going to try and delete it and re-install it again. (didn't work)

Use your mouse wheel to go back a bit in the progress of 9.2 and then hit 'd' that will reload the files. It's not a problem with the patch, but, sometimes, renpy has this problem. Sometimes it gets 'stuck'.


I have the same problem and it did not help. still cant play 9.3

I just found out that the patch is 9.3, so you have to access it from 8.3. 9.2 will give access to 10.0


have no idea how to do that

(1 edit)

To play the route of the angels you have to select its door at the end of chapter 5 (the same for the route of the humans and the one of the demons) for that reason we recommend you to make saves at the end of all the chapters. from that moment the routes are differentiated as x.1 (demons), x.2 (humans) and x.3 (angels)

(1 edit) (+2)

I am not able to download the 9.3 update, it only shows up as launch game with no update button. i have windows, but i don't think there is a download file for it


we have a problem with windows icon, but the problem has solved. Sorry for the inconvenience


Thank you for the fix! I was worried that there was something wrong with my computer! :)


Don't worry. The fault was ours.


ugghhh so good,


Honestly I was all over the place with this story.  So much of it I enjoyed, and then parts of it just through me off in unexpected ways.  Its hard to talk about never mind ask questions without spoilering anything.

Like the title to one of the chapters (like the first one I think, or maybe the second)  Im just not interested in such a person.  In a later part of the story as I played through i was offered an option to follow up on a request from said person, or ignore it.  I chose to ignore it as like im not into that sorta person.  Is that gona be bad later?

Also one of the guys i did sort of get into (its still intro period so not really got a chance to get to know them much) turns out to be a she, or atleast look like a she.  I was sort of bothered by that, but then I was intrigued, as the character them self Also seemed to be bothered by other people being confused (like I was) about their gender.  Is that something that is going to be gone into.  I wasnt happy about the reveal, but I honestly was interested when i realised they them self were also unhappy about everyone elses confusion about it.  It made me wonder If there was a story or something to be figured out there.

Finally I only managed to meet 2 of the evil? teams side, and honestly only one of them that I had any actual involvement with (the first one, the second one i just saw in passing, and i think i missed the chance to have any interaction when i didnt go closer to the stage but stayed back and watched.)  Anyways the one i did have some interaction with was a complete ass.  I dont understand how they are supposed to be a route at all, as nothing in the scene with them ever gave me any reason to consider siding with them.  They Are Just Mean!  And after the things that unfolded later in another encounter with them, I really dont see how anyone could ever reasonably be interested in them, or want to help/side with them.  Did I miss something?  Usually bad guys routes are written in such a way that they have some redeeming feature that the Player can latch on to.  This guy just is mean, hateful, vicous, etc.

Sorry for the super long post, honestly Im way interested in the story and characters as you can see, Or I wouldnt even bother posting.  But Im also confused / conflicted with some of the characters.  If nothing else I hope this feed back is meaningful / helpful to you.  Thanks for sharing the story with us, and I apologize If Im being unreasonably dense about things.


Hello ahnkra, thank you for leaving us your comment, we hope that some notes that we leave below can help to make our point of view understood. Thanks for playing and for stopping by to comment. We hope to read you more in the future.

No, not at all, not being interested in a character usually results in spending less time with him or getting less general information about the story, but it doesn't penalize. The story is quite long, currently, it takes fifteen episodes of development. Some options are saved and returned to in the future, but above all, in the first episodes, everything is completely introductory.

In episode one you can meet two of six characters in a single lap. To unlock the rest of the images and character profiles you must take different options. However, in the following you will definitely meet the entire cast. Episode two (Hasiel and Zihel), episode three (Arael and Ariel), episode four (Akane and Maske), and episode five (Kyeran, Joe and Pin). From here you can choose a lineup and thus choose if you want to be 'bad' or 'good'. Your choices constantly affect your morality bar. The only thing the game asks of you to get proper endings is to be consistent with your decisions.

Hasiel is a trans man, we wanted to make that clear early in the game. His pronouns are he/him and it's an important part of his character's story, because it's something he has had (and has) to deal with on a daily basis.

Zihel is an evil character. He isn't a 'bad boy' he is a real criminal. His acts won't be justified, because they aren't justifiable. The cast was selected to generate different stories and different interactions. There are many different personalities to choose from and if you want to see the world burn alongside a villain just as corrupt as you, who are we to stop you? We don't see any fun in giving only morally positive options in a game where we consciously try to play with those aspects. History also allows us not to limit ourselves. Things would be different if, for example, we talked about the protagonists being high school students. Zihel is a corrupt, evil, age-old demon, and yet it's perfectly okay to want to be in a relationship with him. We understand that he isn't a character for everyone, but that's fine, there are eight others.

CHR is buggy, it's obvious to us, especially in the beginning (It's our first game!). But we wanted to create a different experience. We come from playing too many games that don't let you choose how evil you want to be or choose who you want to be with in a gang war. Here you can and we won't penalize you for it, we want it to be fun and stimulating and not a form of reprimand for the player who wants to make flawed choices.


Thanks so much for taking the time to reply and clarify things for me!  It really helped to clear up my confusion, and gave me a much better idea on how to approach the story and characters.  Im glad to hear I was right in picking up on those uncomfortable vibes from one of the characters.  It means they really are going to be interesting, and I might even learn something following their route.

And also thanks for the explanation on how your evil characters work.  Its actually refreshing to know that a character is exactly as they are portrayed, and not just a "bad boy" with alot of (for me) unacceptable behaviors I have to put up with to figure them out.  Im perfectly ok  with avoiding a route or two with that knowledge in mind, and like being spared the "responsibility" of figuring out why someone is acting the way they are and then having to figure out how to "fix" them.

(1 edit) (+1)

I have loved this game every since i started playing for the first time- which was like- half a year ago-? eh doesn't matter. Tho i make sure to check regularly for any updates as this amazing creation just lights up my mood to a whole other level. Anyways- putting my simp energy aside.

I want to ask if there will be any possible they/them pronouns to use in the future-? I don't mean to brag about it- but i am curious about it since i sometimes tend to get a little- uncomfortable sometimes.

But overall i hope you have a nice day! Or night if what :D

Hi, TheFinestPigeon,

when we started the project it was something we didn't know how to do. Internally the gender selection is an on/off button. Although it is something that we will implement for sure in future games, currently including the they/them option would mean many hours of rewiring code and reviewing two versions (Spanish and English). We're not ruling it out in a future revamp, but currently, that option is far from real.


Review incoming later, but you should have seen my face when I opened the game and everything was initially in Spanish. Probably a blind look of panic while my brain was yelling, "noooooo, mi espanol es mallllooo."

hahahaha we would like to implement a selection screen at the beginning of the game, but it's something we never find time for. We hope it wasn't a big inconvenience. ^^U

Deleted post

We hope to know if you liked it 💞


Uwa~ it was good \(^o^)/

Ty MyKawaiiPanda (L)


I  have tried everything I can think of. I had this game up until 8.1 but after that it refuses to budge past to 8.2  and 8.3. It shows my saves but will not go any further just says save and exit as if 8.2 and 8.3 do not exist.


Hi immortalkaos, sometimes it takes time to update. You can do various things. Click on the letter 'd' (This reloads the game). Open and close. Use the mouse scroll to go a little further back in the dialog. Let us know if it worked for you


When I first started playing this game, I honestly I didn't expect how much of a rabbit hole I would be sucked into! The devs are very active and all my interactions with them were awesome, the story is well written, and the MC is a breath of fresh air depending on your in game choices, you don't have to be a necessarily good person, you can be just plain mean if you want to. Props to the devs for making such an awesome game and keeping it free to play, I'll be looking forward to the next chapters :)


Thank you so much for your lovely comment! We love talking to you by any media, but above all we are very touched by your support. We' re big fans of otome games and visual novels, and that's why we have always wanted our MC to have the most adjustable personality possible, but also to accentuate it depending on the path they chooses during the story, and also give our players the as much freedom as possible inside the story.  So we're happy that you appreciate that!  Hope you enjoy as well all chapters that are coming! ^^


I thought the angel and demon things were just karmic things at first, but no, they just completely ruin your character. There is nothing I hate more than being completely powerless in a situation, made even worse when you're a literal human amongst angels and demons. You have no real ability to save yourself or anyone without someone else's help. IMO, not a good game.


Maskeguy is best guy ughh Im so excited for more chapters!

Awww,  Thank Munduselle.


If you don't mind me asking when is the next update? Also keep up the good work! Don't overwork yourselves and take care of your health.

Hi unknownpersongirl, sadly, It's too early to give a official date but we hope to publish this month.




played this, loved it, played it more, developed theories about the characters, cant wait for the full release.

p.s i feel like maskeguy has a burnt body and burn trauma. few things in the game point to this. one day, we'll find out for sure.


We love theories. 🤐 Coming soon, the new episode.


guys you dont want to know how many times ive just replayed hasiels route :/ im sorry to say this but i like hasiel more than maskeguy and kyearan now 

We're very happy to read this. Hasiel is a very good choice and he has a wonderful bg. But, we hope you have troubles in the futere with the rest of routes. 🤭


😂😂 I was simping for them all but now hasiel is my favourite. ❤️❤️❤️🥺


How many episodes will there be

Hi, Tinynanami. The game will have 15 chapters. For more info you can read this devlog. ^^


Ok I took Arael to my room, and then encountered the ghost in the dream and then this crash happened?

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:

SyntaxError: invalid syntax (<none>, line 1)

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:

  File "tl/English/script.rpyc", line 59432, in script

  File "C:\Program Files\chronicles_4012\renpy\ast.py", line 678, in execute

    who = eval_who(self.who, self.who_fast)

  File "C:\Program Files\chronicles_4012\renpy\ast.py", line 580, in eval_who

    return renpy.python.py_eval(who)

  File "C:\Program Files\chronicles_4012\renpy\python.py", line 2057, in py_eval

    code = py_compile(code, 'eval')

  File "C:\Program Files\chronicles_4012\renpy\python.py", line 692, in py_compile

    raise e

SyntaxError: invalid syntax (<none>, line 1)



Chronicles from 4.012 1.0

Sun May 23 11:36:28 2021

Thank you for your contribution, Relma2. We have reviewed the script and indeed there was an error. We have already solved it and in the next update it will be implemented.


Gave this game a 5 star rating before I even finished it, it's so amazing!! The characters, the plot and the art are all so well done!
Can't wait for the new chapters!!


Thank you Miinko, we will be back with a new update very soon.


hey, just wished to confirm-

the last update- reality check- doesn't include the update to the demons' route does it?


Hi! You're right. The last update only include the angel's route. Our demons will return in the next chapter (8.1). We don't have a release date yet, but we're already working on it ^^ 


Hi! I just finished the game (or what you can finish of it, anyway) and really liked it, the only issue I have is that I selected for my character to be male yet the game uses she/her pronouns,,,

Could we take a screenshot? we want to check if it's a translation error or something else.


Of course. I believe it happened only three times, don't think I missed anything.

Thank you so much, we  will solve it, we promise.


Hi! So your game has been sitting in my to-play list for a while and recently I got around to playing it and I'm glad I did! What stood out to me at first were the backgrounds and the music, it helped to pull me into the setting. Then when the character introductions came rolling in, I was hit with the feels. I felt they were each compelling in their own way (a rare treat nowadays) and I loved how involved they were in the story! 

Hasiel and Maskeguy stole my heart :')

And one last thing. I'm drawing fanart rn and I'm wondering if Maskeguy is left-handed or right? Or are they ambidextrous? This is very important, pls I want to get it right!


We're very happy that you enjoy our work.  You're very sweet and we feel so grateful for your effort. For us, It's very important to create a solid characters with an interesting backstories. 

Maskeguy is right-handed. Don't forget share with us your fanart, we love all the fanarts (L) 


Hi again, I've finished the art. Sorry that it took me so long, here's the link:


On another note, I love the update. Thank you so much for your hard work and Happy New Year! ^^


This is very cute. We love it, thank you for your incredible effort and we will share it on social media. Again thank you very much. 💞


okay, not gonna lie but i was scrolling through all comments and hunting for one which said they like Zihel but i couldn't find one.

of course i fell for maskeguy and ariel at once, especially the photobooth scene- i had butterflies- but i was instantly taken to Zihel. The whole toxic and stubborn, yet having a soft corner for the MC view is by far my favorite xD

i guess this lowkey speaks for my type in men- but i digress.

love the game, the music, dialogues and just everything. i am honestly used to graphically detailed and advanced otome games more than simple and grunge style of artwork so i can't deny that this game wasn't my first choice but boy it grew on me within the second chapter and i'm beyond glad that i gave it a shot.

can't wait for the next update!

also, special thanks for making it freely available to those of us who still aren't able to pay for our games. much love!

Thanks for your comment! <3 You're not alone, we know that Zihel's fans are out there (they've even dedicated a fanart to him!) ... But we think they like to watch from the dark =P Around here we also love our angry demon very much. 🤭

We're aware that the history of Chronicles is somewhat different from conventional otomes, and sometimes it seems to us that it could seem a bit strange, so we're excited that you have stayed for it. ^^

Like most of us, we've also been young players, and we wanted to share this project with as many people as possible. We believe in other ways to finance ourselves, such as future projects, special content, or the Patreon itself that we recently opened. 

Thank you very much for the support, really. Feedback makes our day and helps us to work harder on the next update, which we hope can come soon! ❤


Such a fun game! 
I absolutely fell in love with the stories you all are making! Its so fun and interesting and I equally love all the characters that are tied into it. I espeically love that no character is left out no matter what group you choose or even who you start to romance! I hope every on the team is doing well and that I can keep enjoying such a lovely story! You all did such an amazing job! <3 <3 <3

I also ended up falling absolutely in love with Maskeguy, so I made fanart of him and what I imagine my 'self insert' to look like!

OMG! First of all, thank you very much for that incredible drawing. It makes us very happy to know that you enjoy our game and our characters. We have spent a lot of time thinking about how to make the story entertaining for everyone and without a route that is more canonical than the others. We are all feeling great and very very soon we promise to return with a very special update.

Without any commitment, can we share your incredible drawing? If you say yes, we would put it on Twitter or link you on instagram. If you have an account on those social networks and it’s okay by you, hand us the link or tell us how to give you credit (a name or nick with which you identify yourself). We loved it! 


Aw! I'm so glad you all liked my drawing! And I have no problem with you guys sharing it! :)

Here's my respective accounts for Twitter and Instagram to credit,

Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/ApriEdits/media

Instagram: @apri.king

(1 edit) (+2)

the more i play, the more i fall for Maskeguy

also, i really love this game! i hope someday i can help on your patreon, its already in my heart! looking foward to continue playing! good job to all of you! <3


TY, shir0xx 💖 Maskeguy is one of our favorite kid. We hope can create a very good story for them and the rest of the crew.


Ariel makes being good so hard; flirtatious characters are totally my weak point, especially since he's not really the playboy rockstar he pretends to be, but a sensitive, artistic soul <3 All of the characters are so multi-faceted and each faction is so interesting, as well as, the in-depth world-building. My favorite is the Church of Raziel because the demons (Valefar) seem more showy and drama queen-ish; yet, philosophical at the same time. I love how chaotic it can be and even they have their own rules/ lack of freedom which surprised me.

The only nitpick is the English translation at the very beginning; however, after that, the translation improves drastically and I am so immersed in the story.

Thank you all for your hard work creating this wonderful story. I am looking forward to all future updates and wish you well with your project! >_<

Thank you very much, we have been building the characters and their arcs for a long time to make them attractive. From the beginning we wanted to make a visual novel a little more open, where being 'bad' is as fun as being 'good'.

Thank you very much Castonovia44, in december we will come with another update.

(1 edit) (+2)

I love this game a lot! the art style is unique and the personalities of each character is wonderful! i really cant wait for the next chapter!


We are very grateful for your comment, and we love that you enjoy Chronicles!! The next chapter is already in process ~ ^^ 


Oh! when is the release date?


There isn't an official date, but we hope it will be around Christmas. We will notify in the devlogs and on our social networks.


got it!


also where can i find the sound track for this game


Thanks jman226 !! The music is free to use, you can find it on the artist's website (Jason Shaw).


Like the new 7.2 cant wait to see what happens next!


Ommmm..Dude...I was ligit looking at this game to see if there were any updates like 3mins before you updated it Cant wait to play Your fans are proud of your Hard work!

That was fast! 😳 Thank you so much for your attention and support 💕 We hope you like this episode! 

(1 edit) (+1)

I REALLY LOVE THIS GAME! and I fell in love with Ariel and Hizel so badly :').

I can't wait for 7.2 <3


Thank you for support us. ^^


7.1 was pretty good i liked it alot where we could learn about the demons side of the stroy. though the trial was very...Intersting (it was good) (cant wait for 7.2 :)

Soon 👀


Cant wait for episode 7. Love the game you make.

TY 💞 We have finished the script of the episode 7.1. Soon we will bring a new update, Wait for us!!


OOOH, I love this game. I hope there will be more episodes. <3

Thank u for the beautiful comment. The game will be long and we are working in the next update right now.^^


You're Welcome. Take your time on making the update and Stay Safe.


I'm so glad we finally rescued everybody!

I know we met Pin for the first time, but I love him already. He's so, so cute and I just want to hug him. 😊

I was so relieved when Zihel and the angels came to save us. I thought that Coco would capture and experiment on us, too. 😯

I have a feeling that the MC might be a supernatural or psychic, not completely human. Or I might be wrong ... 😅

I look forward to chapter 6. ❤

(1 edit) (+1)

Chapter 5 was a very important chapter. We’re so glad you’ve enjoyed it so much.

We are half through the production for chapter 6 (demonic route), and pretty soon you’ll be able to know Pin a little better. ^^ Besides that, we can’t tell you too much without letting out unwanted spoilers X__X


Things I liked:

The game is story driven (imo plot is always more importantthan romance)

Art (both background and character artwork are very beautiful. A special thanks for giving your characters a more realistic facial features. It's such a breath of fresh air compared to the usual triangular/dot-like anime noses)

Morality is an interesting  feature and i'm curious how it'd influence the story later.

Things I didn't expect:

I didn't look closely at screenshots before playing so when it turned out angels and demons were involved i was really surprised since apocalyptic themed games are usually rather realistic and they don't involve supernaturals. Ofc it's not a bad thing per se just very unexpected.


It is very important for us to take the plot somewhere, even if that can become boring for some players looking for instant or more sexual relationships, we like slow burn romances and we believe that sex can be present without being an immediate urgency.

We are very grateful that you also liked our arts, very soon the morality bar will begin to come into play with greater relevance. As for the supernatural part, we like to play with the strange idea that a final apocalypse can be plausible literally and metaphorically in our little world. 👀

Thanks for the comment. 💫✨


I love this game, a lot. 

The music for the game is great and I love the art style. You might've made me fall in love with a fictional character. Maskeguy is totally my favourite and I would love to hug him no matter how edgy and mysterious he is. His little blush is so adorable ^-^

From what I've noticed in the game it seems all of the characters are very secretive. Some seem to be willing to help you but each time they do you just figure out more mystery factors of them. I like games with a mystery element so I totally dig it. If this is for the player to decide who to trust then I believe it's smart to do so. Many visual novels that I read don't usually have a good bias and will sometimes, even accidently, make people gravitate towards specific characters because the maker made that one most trustworthy. The fact the no one trusts anyone and everyone has their own secrets really helps that common issue. 

The game also has seperate groups of people. None of which we are told to trust. I like how you put a nice spin on the common misconception that angels are always the good guys. I also like how you involved the deadly sins gluttony, sloth, lust, envy, pride, greed, and the last one that I can never remember. The detail of each group that Maskeguy tells you about is impeccable and I found it very heplful. It seems as if the group that Maskeguy falls in is the only one he semi likes. The demons and angels seem to have a power that many nonsupernaturals fear. Which I find also very interesting that we few are the ones that aren't as scared. 

All in all I really love this game and can not wait for another chapter!

Maskeguy is difficult to treat sometimes, but we think it really is worth it playing their route. One of the most important factors for us is giving the same importance to all the routes and alignements, so you can see all of them have strengths and flaws, and a story that has brought them here. It’s on the player, and on the interest they want to give to each of them, exploring every option deeply and without the writer's bias. We really like open worlds.

We are working hard to bring you chapter 5 as soon as possible, we hope you keep up with the same enthusiasm.

Thanks for leaving a comment.

(2 edits) (+1)

I'm so glad you updated. 😊

I'm liking your game so far. The music is my absolute favorite. And I think I'm falling head over heels for Hasiel. In fact, I want to hug Hasiel so bad right now. After all, Hasiel looks so cute and cuddly. 🤗😘

However, I love that this game makes me think more about angels. Since angels are always portrayed as good, I thought that angels were nothing to be afraid of. But I believe that was wrong of me to think, as we know truly nothing about angels. And I don't think our stories or myths about angels are accurate, so relying on those tall tales wouldn't be such a smart move on our part. I think the best thing for us is to not trust anyone. 😌 

I don't trust Coco or Doughy. I believe the woman from our dreams is being held prisoner in Coco's laboratory. I think that Coco is experimenting on her, trying to use her as a way to provide a cure for all ailments mankind suffers. 🧐🤨

I see an improvement with the English translation, but I still spot some errors here and there. If you can please add a skip option for seen texts, I would greatly appreciate it. I'm asking this because I believe having a skip option would make it easier for people to try different routes. 

As always, I'm looking forward to the next chapter. And I hope we're one step closer to solving the mystery. 😄

Hasiel can be a little dark sometimes, but usually he’s a ray of sunshine. We can’t wait to dig more into all the characters.

We like playing with the idea that there’s not ‘good’ or ‘bad’ characters, and letting the players freely decide who deserves their trust. We hope to achieve that effect, as we are true advocates of the characters with grey areas.

We try to do our best with the english, we now have a wonderful beta reader, but still some things can go unnoticed. We don’t have a omision button as such, but if you hit the ‘ctrl’ key you can skip part of the text ^^. I hope this tip can help you in the future ^^.

We are already working on the next update, we hope to be back soon and thank you for supporting us.

(1 edit) (+1)

i like the artstyle, especially the spites, they are very detailed and wll-drawn. interesting music choice

great lore. meaninful choices, morality system and some character customisation. The story takes place in dystopian, violent, brutal world but most people are not evil and it possible to survive. plot is good, too.

interesting characters. Arael is my favourite. So cute, and pure and good. i chose to be good and  I hope all angels will like my company

I'm waiting for next chapters :D

we’re so grateful you are liking our game, we put a lot of effort in it, even if there’s still a lot to improve.

We are sure if you chose to be coherent everything will be fine with the angels, specially with Arael. She’s all innocence and purity.

In a few days (if everything goes fine) there’ll be a new chapter >_<

Thank you for supporting us!!



I'm really enjoying your game so far. The story is very interesting. And I like how the player's choices can alter the story for the better or worse.

The English translation needs a bit of work. But I'm sure you guys can improve along the way. 😊

I look forward to the next chapter. 😃

Hi, Candy_Curse ^^

We’re happy to know you’re liking the story and the morality system. We’ve a nice beta reader who’s helping us improve the english for the next updates.

We’re uploading a new update in a few days, so keep an eye cause soon there’ll be a new chapter.


I quite enjoyed the story. You definetely have your own style and I would like to see the story to the end. 

Best wishes and good luck!

P.S.: When will I see the Can again? It was my favorite ;-P


Thank u so much, we hope we can end the story, but not in the near future.

P.S.: You'll probably see The Can at the end of chapter 5. (Little spoiler ;D)

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